Reddy mask

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Mr Anthony Gredig

New Zealand

Perfectly fit me, love the black color so much! Thanks for the recommendation.

Cynthia and Toshio

Penang Island

Reddy air mask! I’ve been using this mask for almost half a year already, no more suffocating. It is a stylish and durable mask. Love it so much as I am wearing long hours at the office. Good material also and my face not allergy to this mask anymore.

Vennese Yip

Kuala Lumpur

Reddy air mask is suited for my face shape, nice and fashionable. It’s easy to breathe and it won’t cause the glasses to foggy whenever I wearing glasses. For me, there are no longer skin rashes wherever I go with the Reddy air mask, very comfortable and durable. Thank you for the good product to keep me safe and healthy.

Aunty Jin Lian

Kuala Lumpur

Reddy air mask became a daily essential care product for me, as an elderly. Why? I feeling safe whenever entering the market to get my groceries checklist done. I do very concern about the quality of the protection, Reddy air mask fully gained my trust and confidence. Thank you for your love and caring, safe, and healthy is always my priority during the pandemic period.

Jessie Lee

Kuala Lumpur
Masks have become a must for everyone. I have used many different brands of masks on the market. I finally like this Reddy air mask. The quality of the mask is very soft, breathable, and will not harm my sensitive skin. The sides of the mask can cover tightly, there is no gap at all, it feels very safe, comfortable, and fashionable. It is really a very good product. I like it very much, thank you for your recommendation.

Karen Lee

Bukit Jalil
Reddy mask is a super comfortable and trendy mask, the normal mask size is a bit big for me, this fit my face perfectly!

Yoga teacher Anesidora Lakshmi and Dezeree Bee

Johor Bahru

Reddy Mask💖, If you ask me which color I prefer? black or pink? My choice will be black ✌️ Because it is cool and it is a UV light tolerant layer. Reddy mask that can be reused 5 to 10 times, it can be sprayed with alcohol and wash with soap too! Fabulous mask!

Gary yip

Kuala Lumpur

No more mask acne after wearing this! Highly recommended !



对于敏感肌肤的我在选择口罩的时候也就格外挑剔了。尝试购买市场上的,闷热且呼吸困难,直到遇上Reddy air mask。。用过后就没打算再找其它了。


Elaine Lim

Bukit Jalil
Reddy air mask suitable for sensitive skin, my face rashes is reducing. This kind of masks soft and comfortable, even though wear it for whole day did not feel any difficulty in breathing. Air mask is washable and reusable, all masks come with individual zip lock bag and convenient for safe keeping for the used mask. It is very good quality and suitable for kids, highly recommended for all.
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